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Wendy M. Jenkins


Wendy Jenkins, BSc, and MSc candidate, has worked extensively to merge the fields of nutrition and environmental science. She has done this primarily through her study of the interaction between diet, health and environmental sustainability. Her work has led her to the promotion of plant based foods in both an academic setting and through recipe development. In her previous studies at the University of Guelph in the Environmental Biology honors program in Canada and her current postgraduate studies in nutrition at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, she has worked with the aim of maximizing both health and sustainability of dietary decisions. She has also worked under the guidance of chef Sara Harrel, owner of Veg Company and developer of the certificate in Vegetarian Culinary Arts at George Brown College Centre for Culinary Arts, Toronto, Canada. Through this work Wendy has been able to further develop her skills in plant based cuisine and recipe development, providing the tools to create healthy, sustainable and enjoyable food.


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Wendy M. Jenkins / Amy E. Jenkins / Alexandra L. Jenkins / Caroline Brydson

Die Portfolio-Diät

An Evidence Based Approach to Lower Cholesterol through Plant Food Consumption

1st Edition 2022
Softcover, 19,2 x 24 cm, 304 pages, 40 illus
Language: German
Category: Guide Health & Medical Science
Stock No.: 30286
ISBN 978-3-86867-531-3
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