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Roland Becker / Christian Schaller

Bildatlas Meniskuschirurgie

Basics | Technique | Usage

1st Edition 2016
Hardcover, 24 x 30 cm, 256 pages, 600 illus
Language: German
Category: Human Medicine

Stock No.: 30100
ISBN 978-3-940698-99-5
KVM Verlag

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This pictorial atlas on the basics of arthroscopy and meniscal surgery conveys with great clarity and practicality everything worth knowing about arthroscopic knee surgery with which all arthroscopists should be familiar at the beginning of their career. This begins with the anatomy and biomechanics of the menisci. In addition to expert knowledge on the individual indications and surgical techniques, valuable knowledge on perioperative patient management is also provided. This includes surgical preparation and postoperative care of patients, including the extensive and detailed necessary documentation. Information on imaging, the latest refixation procedures, and an outlook on the potential of biologic methods to improve meniscal healing complete this concept. In addition to the basics of arthroscopy, the practical procedure of arthroscopic knee surgery is explained step by step with the help of significant intraoperative findings and detailed graphics.

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