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Claudia Koch-Remmele / Roland Kreutzer

Funktionskrankheiten des Bewegungssystems nach Brügger

Diagnosis, Therapy, Self-therapy

2nd corrected Edition 2017
Softcover, 19 x 27 cm, 260 pages, 400 illus
Language: German
Category: Physiotherapy

Stock No.: 30178
ISBN 978-3-86867-331-9
KVM Verlag

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“The location of pain and the cause of pain often do not coincide” (Alois Brügger, 2000): Disorders of multiple kinds can lead to altered movement programs through reflexive protective mechanisms and cause pain everywhere in the movement system (= functional diseases). The implementation of this knowledge into daily practice helps physiotherapists to diagnose problem patients more globally and to treat them more successfully. In this way, readers learn to identify and treat the mostly functional interference factors in the sense of the Brügger concept. The detailed picture documentation and practice-oriented instructions for upright posture and dynamic movement are particularly informative and enlightening, for both prospective and experienced physiotherapists.


Roland Kreutzer


Roland Kreutzer was born in Gummersbach in 1966 and has been a physiotherapist since 1991. He is an instructor for Brügger therapy (Zurich concept), a manual therapist, and an active course leader for Sensotape® courses. He has been working at the Philipps University of Marburg since 1992 as a physiotherapist, and since 2005 as a lecturer in the Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in physiotherapy. In addition, the author works as a physiotherapist in his own practice in Marburg and is a freelancer for KVM-Verlag, Berlin. This collaboration has resulted in him co-authoring several specialist books in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy. In his free time, he is an enthusiastic cyclist, runner, and swimmer, and thus a regular and active user of "self-tapping"!

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Cover, Koch-Remmele/Kreutzer: Funktionskrankheiten des Bewegungssystems nach Brügger

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