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ISSN (print) 2198-591X

International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (EN)

(English Edition)

Issue cycle: Quarterly
Language: English, German

Category: Esthetic Dentistry

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Martina Stefanini PhD, ZTM Vincent Fehmer BDT, MDT, Dr. Alfonso Gil DDS, PhD
Coordinating editor: Dr. Kristin Ladetzki
QP Deutschland

Official publication of:
European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
The British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (ARAED)
Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Scandinavian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

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Previously published as the European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry.

Boasting an editorial board that unites the world's most talented master clinicians, The International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry seeks to advance the state of the art in the practices of esthetic dentistry. Each issue features articles on the latest techniques, materials, and technology, allowing readers to obtain the knowledge and skills required to achieve the outstanding esthetic results that more and more patients are demanding. Photos of breathtaking quality grace the pages of this quarterly journal.

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Dr. Martina Stefanini PhD

Italy, Bologna

Dr. Stefanini is a researcher in the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences at Bologna University, Italy and also a dental surgeon in private practice. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in dentistry in 2005. She was awarded a PhD in Medical Sciences in 2016 from the same institution. Dr. Stefanini is an ITI Fellow, has sat on of the Editorial and the Scientific Committees of the Italian Society of Periodontology and continues to be an active member. She was a Visiting Professor at San Raffaele University Milan in 2015-2016 and taught a postgraduate program at the Dental School San Raffaele, University Milan and for the II level International Master at Bologna University in 2017. Dr. Stefanini is an expert in periodontology and has authored several publications in Pubmed, as well as speaking at national and international conferences on periodontology.


ZTM Vincent Fehmer BDT, MDT

Switzerland, Geneva

Vincent Fehmer, MDT, received his dental technical education and degree in Stuttgart, Germany, before completing fellowships in Great Britain and the United States in Oral Design–certified dental technical laboratories. After working several years in such a laboratory in Berlin, he received his MDT degree and became the chief dental technician at the Clinic for Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2015, he has been a dental technician at the Clinic for Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials in Geneva, Switzerland. He also runs his own laboratory in Lausanne. Mr Fehmer is a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology, an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED), and a member of the Oral Design group as well as the European Association of Dental Technology (EADT) and the German Society of Esthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ). He is a sought-after international speaker and has received many honors for his work, including the Kenneth Rudd Award from the American Prosthodontic Society. He has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals within the field of fixed prosthodontics and digital dental technology, contributed to many books, and recently coauthored the book Fixed Restorations: A Clinical Guide to the Selection of Materials and Fabrication Technology with Irena Sailer and Bjarni Pjetursson. Mr Fehmer also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, Section Editor for the International Journal of Prosthodontics, and co-chair for the 26thInternational Symposium on Ceramics (June 2023).


Dr. Alfonso Gil DDS, PhD

Switzerland, Zürich

Alfonso Gil is receiving a 5-year post-graduate education in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Material Sciences from the University of Zurich. He obtained his DDS Degree from the University of the Basque Country (2013). His Master of Science and Advanced Periodontology Implantology Certificate from the University of Southern California (USC) (2013-2016) were followed by a Certificate in Advanced Surgical Implant Dentistry from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) (2016-2017). He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He obtained his PhD with highest honors from the University International of Catalunya in November 2019. His research focuses on the treatment of peri-implant disease, soft tissue augmentation of teeth and implants and fixed prosthodontics.


Coordinating editor

Dr. Kristin Ladetzki

Germany, Berlin

phone: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-804
fax: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-693
e-mail: ladetzki@quintessenz.de

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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry
ISSN 2198-591X
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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry
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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry
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