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  • Quintessence Publishing USA
Byung-Ho Choi / Seung-Mi Jeong

Digital Full Arch

1st Edition 2022
Hardcover; incl. 122 videos, 314 pages, 1091 illus
Language: English
Categories: Implantology, Digital dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

Stock No.: BK001
ISBN 978-89-85917-21-6
QP Korea


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This book is about full-arch rehabilitation which is one of the most challenging therapy in implant-driven oral rehabilitation. As a result, complications occur much more frequently. One of the most stressful parts of the doctors’ work is that their patients are coming in and out their offices frequently due to complaints after treatment. This can be very confronting and stressful for both the doctors and their patients. This book will attempt to find the optimum solution to avoid the complications using digital systems. There are a variety of books with regard to restoration in the edentulous patient. Most of the books deal with complications, as dealing with the complications that arise in the course of treatment has been part and parcel of a clinician’s working life. In this book, there is no topic about them. This book will attempt to focus on the method that can prevent or at least minimizing them rather than show how to deal with them. If any problem occurs after treatment, there is something wrong with the system. Digital system is used to simplify the procedure for full-arch restoration so that it minimize the problems that arise in the treatment of full-arch patients. In this book, you can find one of the newest implant therapy innovations to treat edentulous or nearly edentulous patients.

This book will attempt to show definitive outcomes and scientific proof of the efficacy of digital full-arch system for the All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant treatment as well as the proper techniques necessary to obtain its greatest benefits. The entire digital workflow, from capturing the intermaxillary and occlusal relationships in a digital format prior to the extraction of teeth and transferring this information to the implantsupported fixed final prostheses without conventional impressions and models, is discussed in detail. The procedure is described with detailed photographs and especially supplemented by as many videos as possible.

Chapter 01. Digital workflow for fabrication of dentures and full-arch implant prostheses for edentulous patients
Chapter 02. Treatment planning of the fully edentulous
Chapter 03. Intraoral digital impression of complete arches
Chapter 04. Digital recording of jaw relationships in edentulous subjects
Chapter 05. Digital denture fabrication
Chapter 06. Fabrication of surgical guide for edentulous patients
Chapter 07. Computer-guided implant surgery in fully edentulous patients
Chapter 08. Screw- and cement-retained full-arch fixed prostheses
Chapter 09. Immediate provisional screw-retained full-arch fixed restoration
Chapter 10. Immediate provisional cement-retained full-arch fixed restoration
Chapter 11. Fabrication of final prosthesis based on digital scan of provisional prosthesis
Chapter 12. Accuracy of digital full-arch prosthesis and scientific basis of early final restoration
Chapter 13. Digital All-on-6
Chapter 14. Digital All-on-4
Chapter 15. Bone reduction guide for full-arch fixed restoration
Chapter 16. Implant surgery in edentulous patients with narrow keratinized attached gingiva


Prof. Seung-Mi Jeong DDS, PhD

South Korea

1989–1995 Dental Medicine Study at Göttingen University, Germany. 1995–1997 Training at the Dental Prosthodontics Dept., Göttingen University, Germany. 1997 Ph Degree at Göttingen University, Germany. 1997–2001 Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Chosun University, Korea. 2002 Clinical Professor, Department of Computer Restoration, School of Dentistry, Zürich University, Switzerland. 2003 Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, School of Medicine, Ewha University, Korea. 2004–present Professor, Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Korea Book publications: 2008: Flapless Implantology (Daehan Narae Publishing), 2010: Flapless Implantology (English Edition, Quintessence Publishing Germany), 2012: Flapless Implantology (French Edition, Quintessence Publishing France), 2013: Dental Prosthodontics (Daehan Narae Publishing), 2015: Digital Flapless Implantology (JeeSung Publishing), 2020: Digital Full Arch (Quintessence Publishing Korea), 2022: Digital Full Arch (English 1st Edition, Quintessence Publishing Korea).


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