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Michael Arnold

Fractured Instrument Removal

A Systematic Approach

1st Edition 2015
Multimedia Compendium (PAL/NTSC); Runtime: 140 min, 30 pages, 85 illus colored
Language: English
Category: Endodontics

Stock No.: 7388
ISBN 978-1-85097-273-0
QP Deutschland


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Instrument breakage is a possible complication of mechanical preparation and widening of complex root canal systems. The more difficult the endodontic treatment, the greater the risk of instrument fracture. Recent studies show that more than 90% of all broken endodontic instruments can be successfully removed without surgical intervention. However, before undertaking a removal attempt, clinicians must know how to determine when a broken instrument should be removed and when it should it be left in place; the appropriate methods for broken instrument removal; and which instruments should be used for each level of difficulty. This DVD provides a simple, step-by-step strategy to instrument removed that is illustrated by numerous images and clinical case demonstrations. This systematic approach can help significantly improve the odds of successfully removing broken endodontic instruments from the root canal. The accompanying booklet includes insightful articles on minimally invasive fragment removal using CBCT as well as a systematic approach to orthograde removal of fractured instruments.

• Minimally Invasive Fragment Removal: Using Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography
• Orthograde Removal of Fractured Endodontic Instruments: Methods
• Orthograde Removal of Fractured Endodontic Instruments: A Systematic Approach

• Complex Case with Long, Tapered NiTi Fragments in the Mandibular Molars (57:35 min)
• Fragment Removal from Maxillary First Molar with Vertucci Type VI Canal Configuration (33:33 min)
• Fragment Removal from Maxillary First Molar with Rare and Difficult Root Morphology (50:26 min)

Dipl.-Stom. Michael Arnold

Germany, Dresden

1985-1990: Studium Zahnmedizin Universität Leipzig. 1990-1994: Landtagsabgeordneter Freistaat Sachsen, NEUES FORUM. 1995-2003: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Universitätsklinikum Dresden. 2001: Carl Gustav Carus-Lehrpreis der TU Dresden. Seit 2003: Privatpraxis für Endodontie und Zahnerhaltung. Seit 2007: Spezialist in Endodontolgie der DGZ Spezialist Endodontologie der DGET Certified Member ESE Dozent Masterstudiengang der DGP. 2011: Peter Guldener Praktikerpreis der Zeitschrift Endodontie. Seit 2013: Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Beirat der Zeitschrift Endodontie. 2013: Peter Guldener Praktikerpreis der Zeitschrift Endodontie. Seit 2015: Dozent Endodontie-Curriculum der LZK Sachsen; Schwerpunkt Mikrobiologie und Desinfektion. 2016: Ernennung zur Kooperationspraxis der zahnmedizinischen Ausbildung der Universitätsklinik Dresden. 2016: DGZ-Oral-B-Preis (2. Platz / Kategorie Vortrag) Vitalerhaltung nach mikrobieller Infektion eines Dens invaginatus.

Preview Description File type Download
Cover, Arnold: Fractured Instrument Removal
Trailer | Complex Case with Long, Tapered NiTi Fragments in the Mandibular Molars58 Minutes
Trailer | Fragment removal from maxillary first molar with rare and difficult root morphology50 Minutes

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