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Eric Van Dooren / Florin Cofar / Victor Clavijo / Gustavo Giordani / Venceslav Stankov

Interdisciplinary Esthetic Dentistry

The Big Picture

Expected publication: October 2023
1st Edition 2024
3 books in a slipcase; 30 x 23 cm, 1232 pages, 2300 illus
Language: English
Categories: Esthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Implantology, Periodontics

Stock No.: BG166
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Eric Van Dooren and Florin Cofar's new book, produced in collaboration with Victor Clavijo, Gustavo Giordani and Venceslav Stankov, explores the intersection between conventional esthetic dentistry and the digital world. Eric van Dooren, regarded as one of the world's leading periodontists, shares the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his career and highlights the digital protocols that improve and enhance esthetic treatment results.

The book examines the fields of fixed prosthetics, implantology and periodontics from an esthetic angle. The authors provide keys to simple and complex esthetic treatments, whether performed with analog or digital protocols. An entire volume is dedicated to orthodontic treatments and their harmonious integration into the treatment plan. Finally, the last volume focuses on implant-prosthetic treatments and the frequent interventions they require.


–basics Planning and execution Volume 1

Chapter 01.
Esthetic analysis 
Conventional smile design
Chapter 02.
Reshaping white and pink simultaneously
Chapter 03.
Esthetic analysis 
The digital paradigm shift
Chapter 04.
Boosting the biotype
Chapter 05.
Reshaping 3D root configuration
Chapter 06.
Working with dark substrates 
Surgical and prosthetic considerations 
Chapter 07.
When to cover a gingival recession 
Chapter 08.
Crown lengthening 

–synergies Optimising complex cases Volume 2

Chapter 09.
Orthodontic considerations

–complications Retreatments and maintenance – Volume 3

Chapter 10.
Being ultra-conservative
Chapter 11.
The central-lateral incisor dilemma 
Chapter 12.
Full arch 
Chapter 13.
Retreatment 1 
Chapter 14.
Retreatment 2  
Chapter 15.
Connective tissue graft hyperplasia and vertical maxillary growth 
Chapter 16.
Vertical maxillary growth and implant removal 
Chapter 17,
The pink hybrid restoration and “in-between” implant concep


Dr. Eric Van Dooren

Belgium, Wilrijk
Dr. Eric Van Dooren attended the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, where he received his degree in dentistry in 1982. After graduating he opened a private practice in Antwerp, Belgium, which is limited to periodontics, fixed prosthodontics, and implants. Currently Dr. Van Dooren is a Visiting Professor at University of Liege ( Belgium) and University of Marseille. He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Dr. Van Dooren lectures nationally and internationally, mainly on esthetics, implants and esthetic periodontal surgery.

Dr. Florin Cofar

Romania, Timisoara

Dr. Florin Cofar attended University of Victor Babes, Timisoara, where he received his degree in dentistry in 2007. He is specialized in aesthetic interdisciplinary dentistry, working closely with other respected dentists in the field such as Christian Coachman, Eric van Dooren and Paulo Kano. He is one of the core members in the DSD group, working on most of the interdisciplinary clinical cases. Also involved in developing SKYN concept (a CAD/CAM Anterior Aesthetics Concept formerly known as AST), along with Paulo Kano, Livio Yoshinaga and Alejandro Pineda. Known for his videography work in dentistry, he is author of some of the most popular videos in the dental field. In the present, is lecturing all around the world and practicing dentistry in his own practice in Timisoara, Romania.


Dr. Victor Clavijo

Brazil, São Paulo

Dr. Victor Clavijo holds a degree in Dentistry at the Paulista University – UNIP. He later earned both a master’s and a doctoral degree in Restorative Dentistry from the Araraquara Dental School, São Paulo State University – UNESP. He has specialization in Implant Dentistry, SENAC University, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He maintains a private practice emphasizing restorative esthetic dentistry. He published more than 40 articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Dr. Gustavo Giordani

Romania, Timisoara

Dr. Gustavo Giordani, Guto, is a specialist in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology, with a postgraduate degree in Periodontics and Implantology. Deepened his knowledge at a fellowship international in the areas of Periodontal and Peri-implant Plastic Surgery in Antwerp, Belgium with Dr. Eric Van Dooren. With national and international scientific publications, he is considered one of the most important names in contemporary Periodontics and Implantodontics. He travels the world sharing knowledge at the most important congresses and doing cases with the greatest names in dentistry.


Dr. Venceslav Stankov

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Dr. Ventseslav Stankov is among the best positioned professionals in the domain of dental medicine in Bulgaria. He is managing a team of 24 employees as the Chief Doctor at Dr. Stankov Dental Clinique. Dr. Stankov’s clinical work is focused on end-to-end esthetical treatment in dental medicine, implantology, periodontal plastic microsurgery, periodontal regeneration, complex cases of prosthetics on natural teeth and implants. Ventseslav Stankov is a renowned and influential national lecturer – the trendsetter in his area of expertise. He has executed a number of courses for postgraduate qualification in the fields of Periodontology and Prosthetics. Dr. Stankov has won the second prize of the one-year master program of GIDE (Global Institute for Dental Education) at the University of California, Los Angeles (2013). His career starts after he has graduated in dental medicine in the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University in Plovdiv (2007). Dr. Stankov is currently following the educational program of Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio Tonetti. He is visiting the courses of Zimmer Institute Switzerland. Ventseslav Stankov is an active member of the Bulgarian Academy of Esthetical Dentistry, GIDE Study Club and Zimmer Club.

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