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Dr. Michèle Aerden

Belgien, Brüssel
Dr. Aerden graduated at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She practices in her own private dental clinic and ist active in dental associations worldwide. National and international lectures. Publications in national and international journals. From 2005-2007 Dr. Aerden served as the first female president of FDI (World Dental Federation) which represents of 200 National and International associations from nearly 140 countries representing over 1 million dentists. She was also a member of the FDI Council (second women in 97 years) from 1997-2007. She is the founder and of "Women Dentist Worldwide" and was their president from 2001-2005. In the European Regional Organisation of the FDI (ERO) which represents 40 European countries she is the founder of "Women in Dentistry" and was their leader from 1996-2005. In the Council of European Dentists, which represents associations of the European Union countries she was a member of the Belgian delegation (1992-2016).