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Dr. Jiro Abe

Japan, Tokyo
Dr. Jiro Abe graduated from Tokyo Dental College in1981. He developed the suction mechanism of mandibular complete dentures in 1999 and published "Successful Mandibular Complete Denture Suction for everyone". He has been expanding it throughout the world since 2004. He was the director of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry from 1999 to 2005 and its councilor from 2005 to 2009. He founded the Japan Denture Association and had been its chairman from 2006 to 2015 and has stayed active as a former president of the Japan Plate Denture Association since 2016. He is the instructor of Ivoclar Vivadent BPS International Clinical and GC & MORITA Complete Denture seminars, the lecturer of the Japan Dental Association and has been in various activities as a professor at the Tohoku University Graduate school of Dentistry since 2012 and at Kanagawa Dental College since 2013. Dr. Abe has also held many distinguished positions throughout the years and published the Quintessence book "4 Steps from Start to Finish Mandibular Suction Denture and BPS: a Perfect Manual-for All Types of Fully Edentulous Cases" and it was translated into English, Chinese and Korean in 2012. He plays an active as an international committee member of the American Prosthodontic Society in 2015.

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Jiro Abe / Kenji Iwaki / Tetsuya Sudo / Kyoko Kokubo

Mandibular Suction-effective Denture "The Professional"

Clinical and Laboratory Technique for Class I/II/III with Aesthetics

1st Edition 2019
Softcover, 27,9 x 21 cm, 188 Seiten, 650 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Prothetik, Zahntechnik
Artikelnr.: 22421
ISBN 978-4-7812-0676-9
QP Japan

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