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An in depth 3-day course designed to fully immerse and improve your knowledge and skills in digital dental technologies. You will learn clinical protocols and workflows from an evidence-based portfolio of cases, studies, and published data with the aim to apply digital technologies and clinical techniques for optimizing patient outcomes.

This course reviews the different technologies used to acquire and integrate patient’s digital data, including intraoral scanners, facial scanners, photogrammetry, virtual patient (alignment of intraoral scans with photographs or facial scans), virtual articulators, and jaw tracking systems (Modjaw, SDIMatrix, Zebris, or similar). Additionally, this course includes the review of different 3D printing methods for fabricating Kois dental devices and restorations. The course outlines evidence-based possibilities and provides an applicable understanding of the different digital clinical workflows in a ready-to-use format so you can hit the ground running when you return to practice.

This course is geared towards any dentist, hygienist, or dental technician, regardless of previous knowledge surrounding digital technologies, interested in improving their knowledge, gaining evidence-based protocols of digital workflows from data acquisition to additively manufacturing devices and restorations. During the course, attendees will become familiar with Kois’ recommended best practices for implementing and maximizing the accuracy of the different digital technologies, guided by the expertise of Dr. Marta Revilla-León, Faculty and the Director of Research and Digital Dentistry at The Kois Center.


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