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Snoasis Medical

Golden, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Since 2007, Snoasis Medical has pioneered the development and use of placental tissue products for tissue repair and regeneration in dental-oral maxillofacial surgery. The company’s goal is to provide innovative and commodity regenerative products at a low price to the benefit of clinicians and patients alike.

In 2007, Robert Tofe, Snoasis Medical's President and Founder, began researching the concept of placental tissue. In 2008, Snoasis Medical partnered with a placental tissue processor currently known as MiMedx Group (Marietta, GA). Today, MiMedx is the premier global processor of placental tissue and Snoasis Medical owns the world-wide distribution rights to current and future MiMedx placental tissue products and the exclusive license for the intellectual property in the dental-oral maxillofacial fields of use.

In 2014, Snoasis Medical expanded its regenerative products portfolio when it started marketing Maxxeus®, an extensive line of allograft bone products, processed by Community Tissue Services (Dayton, OH). Today, Snoasis Medical aims to become the number one dental-oral maxillofacial regenerative products company in the United States and to share the benefits of its placental tissue products with the rest of the world.

651 Corporate Circle Suite 118
80401 Golden
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
+1 866 521 8247+1 720 259 1405info@snoasismedical.comhttps://www.snoasismedical.com