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Basel, Schweiz

Hey! We’re ClearCorrect
Nice to meet you.

ClearCorrect was founded back in 2006 by a dentist who had over 400 patients
that needed to finish their clear aligner treatment, but no one to make the aligners for them.

So Dr. Willis Pumphrey went the extra mile for his patients: he founded his own company to make aligners for them. One by one, other dentists signed up to try Dr.
Pumphrey’s solution, and ClearCorrect started to grow.

Today, ClearCorrect has served tens of thousands of dentists all over the world and has delivered literally millions of aligners to their patients. Through it all, we’ve made it our priority to listen to our providers, and to put their needs first. That’s what’s kept us in business for over 12 years, and that’s how we know we’ll always be here.