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Florence Perio Group

Florence, Italien

The Florence Perio Group is an Association made up of professionals who have a particular interest in periodontology and implantology. It brings together 133 dentists who, after attending courses of varying length, have been trained in this specific field by Dr. Giano Ricci and therefore share a common diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

The Association was founded in 1987 with legal recognition in 1999 and trademark registered in 2004. The Association has the PURPOSE to promote the knowledge of periodontology and implantology and related disciplines to improve the oral health of the population through the improvement of lifestyles, prevention, diagnosis and therapy of periodontal tissues.

The Association deals with the study, scientific research, updating and training in periodontology, implantology and related medical-biological disciplines. 

It also aims to establish, maintain and develop relationships between members, promoting all professional, cultural, scientific, social and recreational initiatives that will strengthen the spirit of friendship and cooperation among members of the group.

The activity of the Association consists in the organization of periodic six-monthly meetings interspersed with meetings of small groups during which are discussed scientific issues, the latest research and their application in the clinical field in the disciplines mentioned above. 

This leads to an improvement of the cultural level of the members, who are at a medium-high professional level in the field of dentistry and are therefore opinion leaders in this discipline.

The activity of the Association is based not only on membership fees but also on the support of sponsors in the dental and extra-dental field who see in the members of the group professionals devoted to excellence in their field.

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Via Gino Capponi, 26
50121 Florence
+39 06 6791036+39 06 6789852florenceperiogroup@gmail.comhttps://www.florenceperiogroup.com