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  • Quintessence Publishing Deutschland

Tootor S.r.l.

Milano, Italien

Unlimited Dentistry

Discover the first all-in-one streaming platform for online dental education: with over 200 videos already available and 15 new videos added every month!

  • All streaming content is included in a single subscription.
  • Enjoy videos covering all dental disciplines.
  • No more slides: Tootor is 100% clinical.
  • Download the app to watch videos whenever and wherever you want.
  • Explore the Starring and Timestamp features for an unparalleled educational experience.
  • Available in 3 languages: English, Italian, and Spanish.

Via Cusani 10
20121 Milano
+39 342 106 9725supporto@tootor.ithttps://tootor.it


Prof. Dr. Dino Re

Italien, Milano

Dr. Davide Battaglia

Italien, Mailand