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SIC invent AG

Basel, Schweiz

In 2003, SIC invent was founded together with a group of experienced and technology-enthusiastic doctors and engineers in Basel. 

Development and production are located in Germany and Switzerland. Today, SIC invent has subsidiaries and highly-qualified distribution partners worldwide. In addition to our high-tech and high-quality products, the success model of our globally-operating group of companies is based on our outstanding employees. We are passionate about providing you and your team with the best products and solutions to care for your patients. 

Fulfilling your very personal and individual requirements for products, service and training is our highest priority.

One of the pioneers in the development of osteosynthesis screws for craniomaxillofacial surgery as well as dental implants and their applications, is my father Professor Dr. Wilfried Schilli. His experience of more than 60 years in this field of medicine, dentistry, research and teaching is the cornerstone and foundation for the SIC “Schilli Implantology Circle”.

It was only through his fundamental and broad knowledge that I was then able to start this venture which is now being carried on by many worldwide practicing colleagues together with the highly professional and dedicated SIC invent team. The SIC “Schilli Implantology Circle” is an international network of key opinion leaders (KOL) and clinicians using the SIC system. We continually organize Task Forces in research and training of physicians and dental technicians to ensure the highest level of technology, scientific evidence-based background and patient outcomes. 

All of our systems and components have been created in collaboration with the members of the SIC ”Schilli Implantology Circle”. Prior to being incorporated into our implant systems, they receive the necessary evidence through studies and application observations at leading universities, clinics, practices and dental laboratories both within and outside the

SIC network. The members of SIC and the team of SIC invent AG stand for the highest degree of innovation and quality of our product lines as well as supply concepts worldwide. At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to all of our SIC members. Without this “think tank”, it would not be possible to attain our product and training portfolio at such a premium level.

In 2018, SIC invent AG acquired the P-I | Developed by P-I Brånemark implant system. P-I product lines are produced in a high-quality in-house manufacturing facility and were developed by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, jointly with experienced clinicians and scientists, reflecting the pinnacle of his research and knowledge over many years. 

P-I solutions contribute to the SIC invent Group by addressing selected markets, complementing portfolios and further expanding presence and growth. Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and Professor Wilfried Schilli had the same vision and mission for over 50 years, and it gives me great pleasure to provide, through the SIC invent Group, a singular platform for continued developments.

Our mission is to offer top of the line products and solutions for all indications by providing a simplified system with less components, with the ultimate goal of reducing the time and thus treatment costs for the patient while maintaining outstanding clinical outcomes.

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