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International Academy of Periodontology

Cambridge, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

The International Academy of Periodontology was established in 1985 to improve knowledge and disseminate information about periodontics worldwide to those who have an interest in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontium by:

  • Advancing international co-operation on a personal basis and in co-operation with national or international periodontal societies and research groups and appropriate health organizations;
  • Ensuring that periodontology is adequately represented as a specialty to both the medical and dental professions;
  • Advising in the creation and co-ordination of undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs, especially in countries with limited resources;
  • Disseminating amongst members and others advancements in the theory and practice of periodontology through its publications and educational meetings; and
  • Promoting international exchange and communications between individuals of all nations, in pursuance of these objects in order to promote periodontal health throughout the world.

245 First Street
02142 Cambridge
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
+1 617-892-8536+1 617-262-4021apantaleon@forsyth.orghttps://www.perioiap.org