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The British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

Fulham, West Sussex, Vereingtes Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland

The Academy's primary purpose is to promote and foster dental health for the benefit of the community.

In particular, the Academy helps to facilitate the integration of natural dental aesthetics into the total spectrum of oral health care and to provide a leadership role for the profession by defining the highest professional, scientific, artistic and ethical standards through research, publications and educational presentations.

The Academy is a non-profit organization and no part of net earnings, if any, shall inure to the benefit of any person. The Academy earnings are devoted exclusively to the uses and purposes of the Academy as defined in the foregoing section.

The Academy arranges an annual scientific conference by bringing together and encouraging debate between opinion leaders in our profession from all around the world. Information about past conferences and the next event can be found on the event pages.

Gower House, 18 Ashmere Lane
PO22 7QT Fulham, West Sussex
Vereingtes Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland
+44 (0)1243 585577info@baad.org.ukhttp://www.baad.org.uk/index.php

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ISSN (Print) 2198-591X

International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (EN)

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Erscheinungsweise: vierteljährlich
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorie: Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde
Schriftleitung / Chefredaktion: Dr. Martina Stefanini PhD, ZTM Vincent Fehmer BDT, MDT, Dr. Alfonso Gil DDS, PhD
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