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European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

We are known in Europe and other parts of the globe as a non-profit organization called The European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders. It was created for certain purposes related to this serious physical deviation. Our organization serves scientific, educational, and charitable objectives. We unite different groups of doctors and scientists of Europe to properly treat temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain.

Craniomandibular osteopathy is one of the most widely spread physical deviations in people. It’s also known as a “lion jaw” because the skull of human grows similar to the jaw of a lion. This deviation has various symptoms, including uncommon jaw movements, facial pain, joint noises, tenderness on palpation, pain in joints, etc. About 75% of the population has signs of this problem and nearly 33% surely suffer from one of its symptoms.

Accordingly, our organization tries to establish the guidelines and recommendations that can help to handle this problem. We create the necessary conditions to make the precise examination, diagnosis, and management of patients with this severe and painful disease. We’ll be happy to collaborate with the proficient experts to successfully treat people who suffer from craniomandibular disorders of all kinds.

Schillerstraße 5
60313 Frankfurt am Main

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