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Henry Olberg

A Tooth for a Teddy

The Magical Tooth Fairies

Reihe: Die magischen Zahnfeen, Volume 3
1st Edition 2013
Buch, Video-DVD
Hardcover, 34 Seiten, 34 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Kinderbuch, Patientenaufklärung

Artikelnr.: 82021
ISBN 978-0-86715-617-1

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Continue the story of Lynn, Leo Lino, Basta and Professor in the third book of the Magical Tooth Fairies series. In this story, a little boy does not want to go to school because he does not want to leave behind his teddy bear. But when he loses a tooth, the tooth fairies (followed by McCavity and Dee Kay) visit him and promise to grant his wish if he goes to school. Find out what happens to his tooth and what he wishes for!

Based on a popular cartoon, each book in this series comes with a DVD of the corresponding episode, simultaneously entertaining and educating children on the importance of brushing their teeth.
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Cover, Olberg, The Magical Tooth Fairies: Volume 3: A Tooth for a Teddy