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Frans P. G. M. van der Linden

Development of the Human Dentition

1st Edition 2016
Hardcover, 21,3 x 30 cm, 240 Seiten, 1224 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorie: Kieferorthopädie

Artikelnr.: 20271
ISBN 978-0-86715-725-3

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For almost three decades, Prof van der Linden's classic text, Development of the Dentition, has been the international standard reference in its field. Now, he has updated those concepts in a new edition. Starting with tooth formation and the development of the deciduous dentition, the author systematically takes the reader through the transition to the permanent dentition and through the aging of the dentition. Emphasis is placed on the relationships among the development of the dentition, the growth of the face, and funcational factors. Subsequently, the development of orthodontic malocclusions is presented, followed by the effects of untimely loss of deciduous teeth.

Chapter 01. Formation of Teeth
Chapter 02. Jaw Growth During Formation and Eruption of Deciduous Teeth
Chapter 03. The First Transitional Period: Transition of Incisors and Emergence of First Permanent Molars
Chapter 04. Intertransitional Period
Chapter 05. The Second Transitional Period: Transition of Canines and Deciduous Molars/Premolars and Emergence of Second Permanent Molars
Chapter 06. Changes in the Molar Region
Chapter 07. The Adult Dentition
Chapter 08. General Aspects of the Development of the Dentition
Chapter 09. Growth and Development of the Facial Complex: Interactions Among the Dentition, Skeleton, and Function
Chapter 10. Abnormalities of the Dental Arches
Chapter 11. Class II, Division 1 Malocclusions
Chapter 12. Class II, Division 2 Malocclusions
Chapter 13. Class III Malocclusions
Chapter 14. Open Bites and Nonocclusions
Chapter 15. Asymmetries, Transverse Deviations, and Forced Bites
Chapter 16. Premature Loss of Deciduous Teeth
Chapter 17. Statistical Data

The contents of this book are accompanied by 50 video clips that are referenced throughout the book. These clips can be accessed at: www.youtube.com/quintbook

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