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Scuzzo, Giuseppe / Takemoto, Kyoto / Lombardo, Luca

Orthodontic Setup

1st Edition 2013
Hardcover, 128 Seiten, 342 Abbildungen
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The orthodontic setup is meant to provide a three-dimensional representation of the occlusion at the end of treatment. Although the orthodontic setup was first described by Kesling in 1945 and has become an indispensable tool, there are no standardized guidelines. Orthodontic technicians must therefore draw on their personal experience, know-how, and best professional practices—in short, a series of unwritten rules that are by no means universal. With this in mind, the authors have set out to describe the procedures used in the construction and evaluation of a setup that can be used both for diagnostic purposes and to manufacture customized orthodontic appliances. Although the principles apply to orthodontic setup in general, this book focuses on its use in lingual orthodontics. The manual and digital tools currently available to professionals in this field are discussed, with a particular focus on the recent developments in CAD/CAM bracket-positioning technology.

Chapter 1. The History of the Orthodontic Setup
Chapter 2. Current Trends in Orthodontic Setup
Chapter 3. Orthodontic Setup Construction Criteria
Chapter 4. Manual Setup Procedure
Chapter 5. Digital Setup Procedure
Chapter 6. Orthodontic Applications of the Setup
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Cover, Scuzzo/Takemoto/Lombardo: Orthodontic Setup

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