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Quintessence Practice Live on DVD

1st Edition 2009
DVD-Video Compendium (5 DVD-ROM box); NTSC/PAL; Runtime: 506 min
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Endodontie, Implantologie, Oralchirurgie, Parodontologie, Prothetik

Artikelnr.: 6923
ISBN 978-3-87652-722-2
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This 5 DVD-ROM box set provides unique and meticulously compiled film productions focusing on the work of daily practice. Experienced dental practitioners and technicians give valuable advice for others in the field. The series provides films from all relevant areas of dentistry in outstanding quality.

Volume 1. Endodontics
• Traditional Endodontics: Basic Principles of Manual Root Canal Preparation
• Root Canal Preparation with the Crown-Down Technique (ProFile)
• Mechanical Root Canal Preparation (Flexmaster NiTi)
• Efficient Root Build-up with Mineral Fiber Posts and Adhesive Bonding

Volume 2. Surgery/Implantology
• Implant Bone Dentures with Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue Transplantation for Papillary Regeneration (Clinic and Laboratory)
• Use of Intraligamental Anesthesia
• Implant-Borne Immediate Prosthesis on Laser-Welded Bar
• Implantation and Sinus Elevation with Frialit-2 Implants
• Bone Spreading, Bone Condensing
• Bone Transfer
• HF-Surgery in Dentistry with Case Reports

Volume 3. Restorative and Prosthetic Treatment
• Restoration of Anterior Teeth with Porcelain Laminate Veneers
• The Modern Gold Filling
• The Tucker Inlay (Clinic and Laboratory)
• Restoration with Cerec 3D Ceramic Inlays

Volume 4. Prosthodontics-Methods and Materials Science
• Zirconia Ceramic Dentures
• Partial Denture with Milled Primary Porcelain Crowns and Electroformed Telescopic Copings
• Efficient Preparation Technique for Crowns, Inlays and Cast Root Construction in the Posterior Region

Volume 5. Periodontology-Prophylaxis and Preservative Therapy
• The Periodontal Screening Index (PSI)
• Professional Tooth Scaling
• Periodontal Preservative Therapy (Examples)
• Covering a Recession with a Soft Tissue Transplant
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