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Miethke, Rainer-Reginald

CAD/CAM-basierte Kieferorthopädie

Trailer | CAD/CAM-basierte Kieferorthopädie24 Minuten

Rubrik(en): Kieferorthopädie
Sprache(n): Deutsch
Publikationsjahr: 2009
Video-Quelle: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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Treatment with clear plastic aligners is a standard of state-of-the-art orthodontics. In its foreground stands the Invisalign-System which has some remarkable advantages as compared to established orthodontic therapy. These advantages comprise mainly of an individual planning and visualization of the treatment goal, an unimpeded function and oral hygiene and especially almost unmatched aesthetics which result in an exceptional patient acceptance and satisfaction. These advantages are contrasted by some disadvantages: only tipping movements are practically safe to perform; rotations, extrusions and intrusions of teeth as well as changes in tooth inclination and of the occlusion, however, not. Some of these limitations can be overcome with mechanical adjuncts which though have to be fabricated in such a way that they satisfy the same aesthetical demands which are expected from the Invisalign-System. Still, there are certain malocclusions or symptoms in which treatment with the Invisalign-System is contraindicated. The described aspects will be demonstrated with clinical examples as well as with results of clinical investigations.

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