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  • Quintessence Publishing Deutschland
Christopher Köttgen / Tomas Linkevičius

Dr. Chris Webinar #2 - Zero Bone Loss Concept

Rubrik(en): Implantologie
Sprache(n): Englisch
Publikationsjahr: 2021

Bone loss is still a major issue that dentists encounter, but it is a complication that can be prevented. By combining clinical experience with peer-reviewed scientific evidence, the author of this book has put together a guide that any implant specialist will find invaluable to prevent bone loss in their patients. Different strategies are presented that can be used to achieve zero bone loss years after treatment. Because successful treatment depends on both the surgical and prosthetic components, the book is divided into two parts, each focusing in depth on what must be done in each phase to promote bone stability. Case presentations detail many types of clinical situations, implant choices, and prosthetic solutions, all backed by evidence-based clinical studies that have proven success.

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