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Nevins, Myron

Growth factors to enhance your regenerative practice

Trailer | Growth factors to enhance your regenerative practice34 Minuten

Rubrik(en): ZMK interdisziplinär
Sprache(n): Englisch
Publikationsjahr: 2009
Video-Quelle: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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The predictability offered by osseointegration has created the need for guidelines to delineate the dicisionmaking process of wether to retain the natural teeth or replace them with implants. It is therefore, omnipotent to decide the prognosis of periodontal regeneration for the teeth in question. Therefore, this program will focus on bone regeneration and the introduction of signaling devices (growth factors) to empower our results. Recognizing the array of popular products that are available and the comfort zone we have created for our therapeutics, why consider a change in paradigm? Because scientific advancement is routinely accompanied by reexamining our cherished beliefs, we need to evaluate our base of information objectively when applying osteoconductive materials, or their combination, to achieve the optimal results from regenerative treatment regimes. This presentation will expand the utilization of growth factors to prepare implant sites.

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