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The European Aligner Society 3rd Congress will take place in Malta between 7th and 9th October 2021, and EAS still hopes that the event will be opened by the Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health.

The Society has curated an absorbing program which progressively builds on the knowledge from its first two congresses (and meetings), and continues to explore the perpetual advances in technologies and techniques in aligner orthodontics. The Congress will draw together the latest innovations presented by an International line-up of expert speakers.

The program’s curators have put together two and a half days of plenary lectures, peppered with break-out sessions and workshops, so that the learnings are delivered in a measured way, and allows everyone to dip in or delve deeper into subjects which interest them most.

Thursday, October 7
11:00-20:00: Registration and Badge Pick Up

14:00-16:00: Company Pre-Congress Courses – Session 1
Chairpersons: Dr Graham Gardner / Dr Alain Souchet

14:00-18:15: Assistants Session
Chairpersons: Dr Sandra Tai / Dr Jose Gandia

16:00-16:20: Pre-Congress Coffee / Tea Break

16:20-18:20: Company Pre-Congress Courses – Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr Graham Gardner / Dr Alain Souchet

Welcome drinks and canape reception for all attendees to be held in the Exhibition Hall, Spinola Suite. Come and meet friends, colleagues and the companies. This is the very best way to start 2 days of learning and fun.

Friday, October 8
08:00-19:00: Registration and Badge Pick Up

09:00-09:30: Opening Ceremony
Speakers: Francesco Garino, Alain Souchet, Tommaso Castroflorio, Hon, Dr, Chris Fearne

09:00-11:25: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Session 1
Chairpersons: Dr Francesco Garino / Dr Tommaso Castroflorio

09:30-10:00: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Diagnosis and treatment planning in the 3D era
Speaker: Sean Carlson

10:00-10:25: The digital workflow in the Orthodontic practice
Speaker: Lars Christensen

10:25-10:50: The efficacy of corticotomy in tooth movement with aligners in periodontal patients.
Speaker: Beatriz Solano

10:50-11:15: The Emperor’s New Clothes – Aligners and Pluralistic Ignorance
Speaker: Vicki Vlaskalic

11:15-11:25: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Session 1 Q&A
Speakers: Sean Carlson, Lars Christensen, Beatriz Solano, Vicki Vlaskalic

11:25-11:50: Tea / Coffee Break

11:50-13:25: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr Sandra Tai / Dr Graham Gardner

11:50-12:20: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Biomechanics in the plastic revolution: the key to that elusive predictability
Speaker: Juan Pablo Gomez

12:20-12:45: How much can we trust Clincheck?
Speaker: Luis Huanca

12:45-13:15: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Treatment of complex cases with Invisalign. Where is the limit?
Speaker: Chris Laspos

13:15-13:25: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Session 2 Q&A
Chairpersons: Dr Sandra Tai / Dr Graham Gardner
Speakers: Juan Pablo Gomez, Luis Huanca, Chris Laspos

13:25-14:20: Lunch

14:20-16:40: Clinical Tips Session 1
Chairpersons: Dr Letizia Perillo / Dr Chris Laspos

14:20-14:40: Change versus non-change in an ever-changing world, the Big Dilemma
Speaker: Jerko Bozikovic

14:40-15:05: Bonding attachments: how, when and why
Speaker: Paul Gange

15:05-15:35: KEYNOTE LECTURE: How to transform your virtual project in a clinical reality
Speaker: Vincenzo D'Antò

15:35-16:00: Invisalign: Improved efficacy of mechanotherapy for complicated cases
Speaker: Dror Aizenbud

16:00-16:30: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Hybridization of clear aligner therapy in teens
Speaker: John Kaku

16:30-16:40: Clinical Tips Session 1 Q&A
Chairpersons: Dr Letizia Perillo / Dr Chris Laspos
Speakers: Jerko Bozikovic, Paul Gange, Vincenzo D'Antò, Dror Aizenbud, John Kaku

16:40-17:10: Tea / Coffee Break

17:10-19:00: Clinical Tips Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr Arturo Vela / Dr Rooz Khosravi

17:10-17:35: Ortho/Perio in the Aligner Age
Speaker: Frank Celenza

17:35-18:00: Clear aligner effectiveness in the Ortho/Perio Interphase
Speaker: Shmuel Einy

18:00-18:25: Ortho-prosthodontic collaboration of dentition in patients with massive abrasion and loss of the vertical dimension of occlusion treated by aligners
Speaker: Ivo Marek

18:25-18:50: A new dimension in Orthodontics called 4D
Speaker: Sherif Kandil

18:50-19:00: Clinical Tips Session 2 Q&A
Chairpersons: Dr Arturo Vela / Dr Rooz Khosravi
Speakers: Shmuel Einy, Frank Celenza, Ivo Marek, Sherif Kandil

Saturday, October 9
08:00-19:00: Registration and Badge Pick Up

09:00-11:50: Company Workshops

11:50-13:00: Lunch

13:00-15:25: Clinical Tips Session 3
Chairpersons: Dr Gina Theodoridis / Dr John Kaku

13:00-13:30: Faster, better treatments with Photobiomodulation
Speaker: Kenji Ojima

13:30-13:55: Crossing the chasm to implement a lean in-office aligner system
Speaker: Rooz Khosravi

13:55-14:20: TBA
Speaker: Ivan Malagon

14:20-14:50: KEYNOTE LECTURE: Considering factors for distalization of whole dentitions with micro–implants
Speaker: Hyo-Sang Park

14:50-15:15: Aligners and T.A.D.s to go further in complex cases
Speaker: Arturo Vela

15:15-15:25: Clinical Tips Session 3 Q&A
Chairpersons: Dr Gina Theodoridis / Dr John Kaku
Speakers: Rooz Khosravi, Hyo-Sang Park, Arturo Vela, Ivan Malagon

15:25-16:00: Tea / Coffee Break

16:00-18:30: Patient Perception Session
Chairpersons: Dr Alain Souchet / Dr Gomez Aranjo

16:00-16:25: Short Presentations

16:25-16:50: Orthognathic Surgery using Invisalign Clear Aligners orthodontics treatments: which protocol?
Speaker: Waddah Sabouni

16:50-17:10: What patients want
Speakers: Simone Parrini, Gabriele Rossini

17:10-17:30: Factors affecting patient compliance

17:30-17:50: Striving for the Ideal: Complex treatment / Exceptional Outcomes / Efficient User-Friendly Software
Speaker: Frederick Murrell

17:50-18:10: Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning with aligners: it’s time to step into a full 3D world
Speaker: Marco Tremolati

18:10-18:20: Patient Perception Q&A
Chairpersons: Dr Alain Souchet / Dr Gomez Aranjo
Speakers: Waddah Sabouni, Simone Parrini, Gabriele Rossini, Frederick Murrell, Marco Tremolati

18:20-18:30: Closing Remarks
Speaker: Tommaso Castroflorio

18:45-19:45: Farewell Reception
Time to say goodbye to another year. A strange year but one that has taught us many thing. Hopefully, all positive on the aligner aspects. Join you friends and colleagues for a farewell drink and nibbles.


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