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Having gone through one of the most challenging Pandemic of the 21st century, getting back into the regular flow of prosthodontic treatment is essential. Predictable outcomes in prosthodontic treatment are based on scientific evidence, sound fundamentals, and application of appropriate dental materials to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for long-term success. With the changing of the analog world to digital along with new technology, providing treatments with predictable outcomes is imperative for our patients. This scientific session aims to bring a balance between a rapidly changing world in Prosthodontics with the evidence-based outcomes that ensure longevity for the treatments we provide.

Ryan Cook • Avishai Sadan • Julia Wittneben • Matthias Kern • Isabella Rocchietta • Rebecca Bockow • Marcos Vargas • Frank Spear • Wei-Shao Lin • Carl Driscoll • Rella Christensen • Effie Habsha • Olivier Tric • Karen Baker • Thomas Taylor (Reserve Speaker)

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