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Over 1.5 days in Chicago, APS Members and colleagues will enjoy relevant education in advanced prosthodontics and implantology, interdisciplinary instruction led by world-renowned experts, and networking and social events designed to inspire good conversation and build meaningful relationships. Discussions will be centered around the future of prosthodontics and the achievability that arises from interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians and laboratory technicians. Attendance will include APS Members, Non-Members, Prosthodontic Specialists, General Dentists, Laboratory Technicians, and Dental Industry Specialists. ADA CERP Continuing Education credits will be distributed.

The 94th Annual Meeting featured the following world-renowned invited speakers:

  • Lee Ann Brady
  • John Burgess
  • Christian Coachman
  • Giacomo Fabbri
  • Michel Magne
  • Carlo Marinello
  • Rolando Nunez
  • Ariel Raigrodski
  • Frank Spears
  • John Sorensen

APS Meeting Goals

  • Highlight the integration of the dentist's clinical expertise, the most current clinical scientific research, and the patients needs and preferences.
  • Provide interdisciplinary instruction and advanced knowledge in prosthodontic education.
  • Provide an international representation in the prosthodontic field.
  • Create an environment for networking, professional interaction and knowledge sharing among participants.



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