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The French Society of Aligners Orthodontics (SFOPA)


The French Society of Aligners Orthodontics (SFOPA), was created in 2005.  

It is the first French scientific society in the field of alignment treatment by thermoformed aligners.  

Through teaching and research, the goal of the French Society of Aligners Orthodontics is to demonstrate the advantages of wireless orthodontics and promote it.

As a result, SFOPA is a key player in the development of aligners and is an ideal relay in its capacity as an independent information and specialized training structure.

Its members have direct access to the latest alignment technologies available, analyzed and evaluated by experts.

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ISSN (Print) 2514-7552

Journal of Aligner Orthodontics

Erscheinungsweise: vierteljährlich
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorie: Kieferorthopädie
Schriftleitung / Chefredaktion: Dr. Werner Schupp
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