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Nasib Balut (Hrsg.)

Passive Self-Ligation from A to Z

1. Auflage 2022
ePub, 332 Seiten, 2063 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorie: Kieferorthopädie

ISBN 978-1-64724-099-8

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The specialty of orthodontics is full of techniques and camps, each offering specific protocols to achieve the best results. The Damon System is different; it’s a philosophy that focuses on the why to get to the how, challenging orthodontists to think and reason their way to a successful finish. The philosophy is predicated on the notion that teeth treated with passive self-ligation (PSL) move faster than teeth treated with traditionally ligated brackets; the increased play between the slot and bracket reduces friction and enables greater movement, even with low forces. This low-force, low-friction system is also more biologically sound for the periodontal apparatus, which is good news for the patient and for treatment stability. This book is the how-to guide for PSL in orthodontics, from diagnosis to bracket placement to finishing—and everything in between.

Chapter 01. Diagnosis Using the BEST Philosophy
Chapter 02. Damon System Philosophy
Chapter 03. PSL Bracket Placement
Chapter 04. Torque Selection Protocol Using Damon System Brackets
Chapter 05. Disocclusion with Bite Turbos
Chapter 06. Intermaxillary Elastics and PSL
Chapter 07. Archwire Sequence with the Damon System
Chapter 08. Early Treatment with PSL
Chapter 09. Damon Space-Gaining Appliance (D-Gainer)
Chapter 10. Finishing with PSL
Chapter 11. Extractions with the Damon System
Chapter 12. Anchorage in the Damon System
Chapter 13. TADs and PSL
Chapter 14. Surgery-First Orthognathic Approach and PSL
Chapter 15. The Impacted and Transposed Canine
Chapter 16. Damon Q2
Chapter 17. Damon Ultima System


Nasib Balut DDS, MS

Mexiko, Mexico City
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Cover, Balut: Passive Self-Ligation from A to Z

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