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Domenico Massironi / Romeo Pascetta / Giuseppe Romeo

Precision in Dental Esthetics

Clinical and Laboratory Procedures

1st Edition 2006
Hardcover, 464 Seiten, 1331 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde, Prothetik, Restaurative Zahnheilkunde, Zahntechnik

Artikelnr.: 12671
ISBN 978-88-7492-011-2
QP Italy

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Achieving a favorable esthetic and functional prosthetic outcome requires progression through an intricate sequence of clinical steps. The first section of this beautifully illustrated, highly practical book guides the dental practitioner through each of these steps in the treatment of various common clinical situations. The second part addresses the technical and esthetic aspects of dental laboratory techniques, covering precision in metals and new and conventional ceramics as well as the esthetic realization of prosthetic devices, including diagnostic waxups, communication with patients and clinicians, color matching, and the fabrication of ceramic restorations. Throughout the book, the authors advocate a philosophy emphasizing close clinician-technician collaboration and cooperation, and they are strong proponents of the use of the microscope in most dental procedures.

Chapter 01. Managing the Treatment Plan with the Prosthetic Team
Chapter 02. Magnification Systems Used in Dentistry
Chapter 03. Tooth Preparation for Complete Crowns
Chapter 04. Finish Line Designs for Complete Crown Preparations
Chapter 05. Repositioning and Completing the Finish Line with Oscillating Instruments
Chapter 06. Technical Considerations for Soft Tissue Retraction
Chapter 07. Clinical Considerations for Provisional Prostheses
Chapter 08. Technical Considerations for Provisional Prostheses
Chapter 09. Custom Impression Trays and Impression Materials
Chapter 10. Laboratory Procedures
Chapter 11. Using Ceramic in Prosthetic Restoration
Chapter 12. Esthetic Considerations for Ceramic Restorations
Chapter 13. Cementation (with Federico Ferrari)

Dr. Domenico Massironi

Italien, Melegnano Milano

Giuseppe Romeo

Italien, Torino
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Cover, Massironi/Pascetta/Romeo: Precision in Dental Esthetics
"This book is a worthy edition to any fixed prosthodontic library collection. It also provides inspiration for all clinician and technicians to strive for precision in all facets of dentistry."
Matthew Tang; Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Newsletter (June 2008)

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