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The recent paradigm shift in fixed prosthodontics from traditional to minimal invasive treatment approaches is evidenced by the clinical long-term success of bonded all-ceramic restorations. Advancements in all-ceramic systems and adhesive technologies enable the development of innovative defect-oriented treatment concepts for restoring the compromised dentition. Modified onlay and full veneer preparation geometries evolved and form a reliable alternative for conventional full-coverage crowns. Nowadays non-retentive preparation designs in combination with reduced ceramic thicknesses allow for a minimal invasive treatment approach.

The lecture will present case series and the scientific evidence pertaining to the clinical success of various adhesive preparation designs and the corresponding all-ceramic materials.


Prof. Dr. Petra Gierthmühlen

Germany, Düsseldorf

Dr. Gierthmühlen, graduated and received her DDS from Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany in 2001. She was an Assistant Professor (2001-2006) at the Department of Prosthodontics (Chair Prof. Dr Dr. h.c. J.R. Strub), University, Freiburg, Germany and is a Board certified Prosthodontist (2005) of the German Society of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials (DGPro). From 2006-2009 she was a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Biomaterials & Biomimetics (Chair Prof. Dr. V.P. Thompson), NYU, New York, USA. In 2009 Dr. Guess was appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Prosthodontics, University, Freiburg, where she accomplished the Habilitation in 2011. Since 2016 she is Professor and Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics at the Heinrich-Heine University in Duesseldorf, Germany.

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