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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find support and answers to common questions about certain products and services.

Registration, Login and forgotten Passwords

For some functions on our website, you need a user account for which you must first register.

Registration is required, for example, for online access to magazine content for subscribers and for video streaming.

Access for members of the DGZMK

Members of the DGZMK will be able to read the Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift (DZZ) and Quintessence International (QI) as well as the archive of DZZ International on the Quintessenz website from 2023.

DZZ and DZZ International are freely accessible. For the QI you need a subscription or you can use the free access via the members area of the DGZMK website.

Access to the app "Quintessence Journals"

Subscribers to our journals can read their issues online on our website or in our "Quintessence Journals" app. Both accesses are independent of each other.

To activate the contents in the app, use your 6-digit customer number and your postal code.

Institute Subscription and Site License

Quintessence offers two types of journal subscriptions to institutes, universities, schools, and libraries: The Institute Subscription with a printed issue including online access via login (username+password), and the Site License for campus-wide, IP-based online access.