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About us

Quintessence Publishing was founded in 1949 in the south of Berlin by the publisher, Mr. Hubert Walter, and the dentist and designated Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Walter Drum. In 1950, the first issue of the journal ‘Die Quintessenz der zahnärztlichen Literatur’ was published. Today this journal is known as ‘Die Quintessenz,’ and remains the publisher’s leading periodical.

In 1951, after Mr. Walter’s sudden death, Walter Haase took over the small publishing house. As Managing Director of the Otto Teuber printing company, Mr. Haase had worked with Mr. Walter from the beginning and had already gained experience in publishing his own magazines. In 1969, Mr Haase’s son, Dr. h.c. Horst-Wolfgang Haase, joined the management team of the publishing house, and took over as Managing Director shortly afterwards.

In the years under the second generation of Haase leadership, the publishing house grew into the international player it is today. Many international subsidiaries were founded and international partnerships established. Today, the publishing house is being led by the third generation of Haase sons, Christian-Wolfgang Haase, and is well established as a leading international specialist publisher for the entire field of dentistry, oral medicine, and maxillofacial surgery.

Since the 1970s, the family-owned publishing house has enjoyed an international presence. In 1973, Quintessence Publishing Inc. was founded in Chicago, followed in 1974 by Quintessence Publishing Co. Ltd. in Tokyo. Today, the two locations, in addition to the headquarters in Berlin, are the largest in the entire Quintessence Publishing Group.

The publishing houses and license partners of the Quintessence Publishing Group publish more than 60 trade journals, countless trade books in many languages, and a variety of digital media. They also organize regional and international trade congresses.

Quintessence Publishing took its first steps toward ‘new media’ as early as the late 1970s. Since October 1980, under the direction of Dr. Alexander Ammann, this ‘new media’ has officially become part of the publishing program. The media range from classic instructional videos and DVD compendiums to elaborate 3D films, as well as a continuing education portal. The various media enrich the extensive range of the publisher’s specialist books and periodicals, which have also long been available in digital format. Since 2003, for example, subscribers have been able to read their journals online at no extra cost and search them conveniently.

Today, the boundaries between digital and analog are increasingly disappearing in all milieus, and multimedia components have become an integral part of the publisher’s portfolio.

Quintessence is also a vital part of an international network, bringing people together, developing ideas, and setting trends. A close relationship with authors, speakers, and partners from industry and politics, as well as cooperation with scientific societies, has characterized the work of the publishing house for decades.

Beyond the publishing business, Quintessence regularly organizes a wide range of international congresses and symposia, for example, the Berlin Dentists’ Day that it organizes every spring together with the various professional organizations. Since 2010, Quintessence has organized the Scientific Congress of the German Dentists’ Day, together with the German Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, the German Dental Association, and the local Dental Association of Hessen.

In addition to its own events, the publishing house acts as an organizational partner for other professional societies, and facilitates numerous events internationally, from workshops to congresses that involve thousands of participants. One definite highlight is the World Dental Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, which takes place every four years and attracts more than 8,000 participants, as well as over 70,000 visitors to the accompanying dental exhibition.

Quintessence is now also a digital and service provider for events and national and international webinars, and hybrid and online congresses are part of the publisher’s training portfolio.