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Issue cycle: monthly
Language: German

Categories: Practice Management, General Dentistry

Editor: Dr. Susanne Fath
Coordinating editor: Susann Lochthofen
QP Deutschland

To satisfy the needs of the modern dental practice, the Quintessenz Team Journal addresses the entire dental practice team - from the owner and dental staff to the dental hygienist and trainee. In addition to basic skills for trainees, articles on subjects spanning the entire field of dental practice boost the competence of the whole team. • 11 issues per year delivered directly to your doorstep • Articles written specifically for the dental team, which are practice-oriented, clearly structured, and didactically sound • Numerous illustrations, graphs, and tables illustrate the articles • A large number of competent authors - including dentists from academia and the dental industry, as well as continuing education instructors, experienced dental assistants, legal experts, and expert dental accountants, etc - ensure that the goal of practice orientation is met, even in articles providing routine background information • Articles on efficient practice management, from internal organization and management to external presentation of the dental practice, as well as the use of modern materials and instruments • Subscribers receive free online access to the journal and can easily search our archives for articles dating back to 2003 • Subscribers receive free access to journal content via the Journal app

Dr. Susanne Fath

Germany, Berlin
Coordinating editor

Susann Lochthofen

Germany, Berlin

phone: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-612
e-mail: lochthofen@quintessenz.de

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ISSN 1435-9421
ISSN 1435-9421

Team-Journal, 07-08/2021

Topic: Lehren aus der Pandemie


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