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Issue cycle: irregular
Language: German

Categories: Dentistry for the Elderly, General Dentistry

Editor-in-chief: Prof. Dr. Ina Nitschke MPH
Coordinating editor: Susann Lochthofen
QP Deutschland

Official journal of:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alterszahnmedizin (DGAZ)

Due to changes in the age structure of the population and an increasing proportion of people living to an older age, the number of seniors requiring dental care is continuously rising. The type of care required by geriatric patients will also shift increasingly in the future. This journal for geriatric dentistry covers the different aspects of dental treatment and care for elderly and old patients. It keeps the dental professional up to date on the latest scientific research findings and provides continuing education articles on geriatric patient care. The journal aims to provide a comprehensive source of information on dental science, geriatrics, and dental care to support its readers who are in daily contact with elderly patients. Official journal of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alterszahnmedizin.

Prof. Dr. Ina Nitschke MPH

Germany, Berlin
Coordinating editor

Susann Lochthofen

Germany, Berlin

phone: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-612
e-mail: lochthofen@quintessenz.de

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ISSN 2196-0224

Senioren-Zahnmedizin, 01/2021