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Oral Design Germany

Grabenstätt, Germany

Kaltenbacher Weg 13
83355 Grabenstätt
+49 861 209 9013oraldesign-germany@gmx.dehttps://www.oraldesign-germany.de


ZTM Stefan Picha

Germany, Fürth

After my training in the laboratory Snay 1992, I search my path in dental technology. This I found 1996 Michael Heinz Polz and Stefan Schunke. After several years of training in the fields of aesthetics, function and milling in 2002 I did my master examination as an external at the Masters School in Nuremberg. Since 2009 I am a member of the Master Examination Committee Nuremberg. Since 2010 self-employed with my own laboratory in Fürth Germany. Since 2015 member of the oral design foundation.

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