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Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (ARAED)

Zürich, Switzerland

The Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry was founded in 2010 in Zurich Switzerland.

It has the vision to be recognized as an effective scientific and clinical professional organization in the area of oral and dental health education and esthetic dentistry.

The aim of the Academy is to promote the pursuit of excellence in dental esthetics, to provide leadership in the profession by defining the highest ethical standards and to foster interdisciplinary communication and research through publications and educational presentations.

Social interaction and friendship across national borders is recognized as having an important role to play in maintaining the awareness of the high esthetic principles demanded within the profession and for the public.

Am Schanzengraben 27
8002 Zürich
+41 44 500 24 25webadmin@araed-org.comhttps://araed.org

Journals of this partner:

ISSN (print) 2198-591X

International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (EN)

(English Edition)

Issue cycle: Quarterly
Language: English
Category: Esthetic Dentistry
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Martina Stefanini PhD, ZTM Vincent Fehmer BDT, MDT, Dr. Alfonso Gil DDS, PhD
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