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Kwangchul Choy

Burstone’s Biomechanical Foundation of Clinical Orthodontics

2nd Edition 2022
Hardcover; 21.6 x 28 cm, 516 pages, 1584 illus
Language: English
Categories: Orthodontics, Student literature

Stock No.: 24071
ISBN 978-0-86715-949-3

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Dr Charles Burstone was a pioneer in orthodontic biomechanics, and his legacy lives on in this second edition of his book, with Dr Kwangchul Choy at the helm. This textbook has taught thousands of orthodontists the importance of understanding biomechanics to ensure healthy, predictable movements in clinical practice, and this new edition will undoubtedly do the same for the new generations of students. Technology continues to advance in orthodontics, but no technology can replace a sound understanding of how the teeth move in their periodontal apparatus and how they can be pushed or pulled to get where they need to be. This book is the difference between an orthodontist who can move teeth and one who can plan cases with predictability and achieve the sought-after results.

Part I. The Basics and Single-Force Appliances
Chapter 01. Why We Need Biomechanics
Chapter 02. Concurrent Force Systems
Chapter 03. Nonconcurrent Force Systems and Forces on a Free Body
Chapter 04. Headgear
Chapter 05. The Creative Use of Maxillomandibular Elastics
Chapter 06. Single Forces and Deep Bite Correction by Intrusion
Chapter 07. Deep Bite Correction by Posterior Extrusion
Chapter 08. Equilibrium

Part II. The Biomechanics of Tooth Movement
Chapter 09. The Biomechanics of Altering Tooth Position
Chapter 10. 3D Concepts in Tooth Movement
Chapter 11. Orthodontic Anchorage

Part III. Advanced Appliance Therapy
Chapter 12. Lingual Arches
Chapter 13. Extraction Therapies and Space Closure
Chapter 14. Forces from Wires and Brackets
Chapter 15. Principles of Statically Determinate Appliances and Creative Mechanics

Part IV. Advanced Mechanics of Materials
Chapter 16. The Role of Friction in Orthodontic Appliances
Chapter 17. Properties and Structures of Orthodontic Wire Materials
Chapter 18. How to Select an Archwire

Part V. Appendices
• Hints for Developing Useful Force Diagrams
• Glossary
• Solutions to Problems
• Bender's Tool Kit

Charles J. Burstone*  • Kwangchul Choy • Giorgio Fiorelli • A. Jon Goldberg • Paola Merlo • Rodrigo F. Viecilli



Dr. Kwangchul Choy DDS, MS, PhD

South Korea, Seoul

Kwangchul Choy, DDS, MS, PhD, is a former professor of orthodontics at Yonsei University. He completed his orthodontic training at Yonsei University and was a research fellow and visiting professor at the University of Connecticut. Dr Choy is currently a clinical professor at Yonsei University as well as an adjunct professor of orthodontics at Ewha Womans University. He has published over 30 papers and book chapters in the field of biomechanics of tooth movement and orthodontic appliances. Dr Choy lectures around the world on biomechanics and maintains a private practice in Seoul, South Korea.

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Cover, Choy: Burstone’s Biomechanical Foundation of Clinical Orthodontics

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