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Herman S. Duterloo / Pierre-Georges Planché

Handbook of Cephalometric Superimposition

1st Edition 2011
Hardcover, 220 pages, 550 illus
Language: English
Category: Orthodontics

Stock No.: 19281
ISBN 978-0-86715-508-2

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Traditional procedures for cephalometric superimposition that are based on the use of periosteally located landmarks or their dependent substitutes are unstable over time. This renders interpretation of pretreatment-to-posttreatment changes unreliable. The structural method of superimposition is the only evidence-based method of superimposition, and it provides individualized, farreaching insight into growth and treatment changes. The author provides a critical, in-depth review of the history of cephalometric superimposition and the background and development of the structural method; demonstrates how to apply the structural method; and provides help and instruction for correct interpretation of the resulting superimpositions. This book will help readers to produce superimpositions with maximal accuracy, based on the best available scientific biologic evidence.

• Origin of the Structural Method
• Validity and Reliability
• Growth and Growth Patterns
• Image Variation
• Interpreting Superimpositions
• Describing Growth and Treatment Changes
• Manual Structural Superimpositions
• Computerized Structural Superimpositions
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