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Axel Seeger

Monolithic Workbook

Shape | Surface | Aesthetics | Profitability

Hardcover, 140 pages
Language: German, English
Categories: Dental Technology, Esthetic Dentistry

One book - one tree: For every Quintessence book sold, we plant a tree, together with the organization “One Tree Planted,” to support worldwide reforestation.
  • 140 pages and more than 350 illustrations
  • Numerous instructions for your workflow
  • Notes on materials and a detailed overview of different stain sets
  • Practical advice on shape and surface (step-by-step procedure)
  • Comparison of layering and staining techniques
  • Economic efficiency
  • Numerous patient cases
  • Hardcover in German/English

ZTM Axel Seeger

Germany, Berlin

Axel Seeger completed his professional education as a dental technician in Berlin from 1982 to 1985 and worked in various laboratories thereafter. From 1991 to 1992 he worked in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and California. After passing his technician's master's examination in 1995, he set up his own business in Berlin in 1997. Since 1994 Axel Seeger has been publishing articles in national and international journals. With his hands-on working courses specializing in anterior restorations, he is a nationally and internationally popular speaker. He focuses on the areas of esthetics, layering techniques, shape and surface. He is the author of the book Smile.