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Markus Kipp / Kalinka Radlanski


Look Up | Learn | Understand

3rd corrected Edition 2022
Softcover, 18,5 x 26 cm, 504 pages, 270 illus
Language: German
Category: Human Medicine

Stock No.: 30329
ISBN 978-3-86867-599-3
KVM Verlag

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“Neuroanatomy” clearly explains the most important and exam-relevant functional and anatomical relationships of the central nervous system. The book is therefore ideal as a reference and for acquiring knowledge and understanding in every phase of learning: for coursework and semester support, for the next test, and for effective preparation for the semester exam or the Physikum. In addition, the didactic interlocking of schematic graphics and detailed photographs of brain and spinal cord preparations is a new concept. This combines theory and practice in a precise and clear manner and intensifies the learning effect. The organization of the content provides structure and prompt access to the learning material:

  • First, the basics of neuroanatomy are presented.
  • The individual components and structures of the central nervous system are then explained in the main section.
  • This is followed by an examination of their interrelationships and their interdependent interaction.
  • A separate chapter is devoted to imaging techniques and their application in neuroanatomy.

The book is designed to be varied and didactically purposeful: A clear, color-coded layout and thoughtfully arranged legends provide a quick overview of the subject matter. This concept allows the complex interrelationships of neuroanatomy to be easily understood and memorized from the ground up. In addition, the book contains practical mnemonic boxes and highlights for exciting clinical, pharmacologic, and scientific topics. At the end of each chapter, the most important IMPP-relevant features are addressed separately. In this way, what has been learned can always be tested directly in the MC questions.


Kalinka Radlanski


Kalinka Radlanski studierte von 2008 bis 2015 Humanmedizin an der Universität Göttingen und der Universität zu Kiel. Derzeit promoviert sie am Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf über den elterlichen Umgang mit dem diffus intrinsischen Ponsgliom. Ihr Interesse an theoretischer Naturwissenschaft, Wissensvermittlung und Sprache führte sie zudem ins medizinische Verlagswesen, wo sie bereits an mehreren Publikationen beteiligt war.

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Cover, Kipp/Radlanski: Neuroanatomie

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