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Donald E. Arens / Alan H. Gluskin / Christine I. Peters / Ove A. Peters

Practical Lessons in Endodontic Treatment

1st Edition 2009
Softcover; spiral bound, 344 pages, 355 illus
Language: English
Categories: Endodontics, General Dentistry

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ISBN 978-0-86715-483-2

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This companion to the popular book Practical Lessons in Endodontic Surgery offers expert guidance to clinicians who have limited experience in the nonsurgical procedures involved in root canal therapy. Synthesizing the very latest clinical concepts and technologies with tried-and-true traditional treatment methods, it introduces readers to the challenges associated with nonsurgical endodontics and delivers realistic solutions in a clear, step-by-step, "lesson-based" format. Each of the 42 lessons offers useful, workable, and, above all, practical information and recommendations covering a specific aspect of endodontic care. Readers expand their knowledge incrementally, beginning with the essentials of patient diagnosis, examination, and record-keeping and progressing through lessons concerned with treatment planning and preparation for therapy; root canal instrumentation and obturation; and emergency and adjunctive procedures.

Section I. Examination and Diagnosis
Chapter 01. Medical Evaluation and Antibiotic Precautions
Chapter 02. Clinical Examination and Assessment of an Endodontic Patient
Chapter 03. Radiographic Examination and Interpretation
Chapter 04. Diagnosis
Chapter 05. Treatment Documentation and Record Keeping

Section II. Treatment Strategies and Decision-Making
Chapter 06. Managing the Apprehensive Patient
Chapter 07. Endodontic Treatment Planning: Tooth-related Considerations
Chapter 08. Endodontic vs Implant Therapy for a Single Tooth
Chapter 09. Infection and Success Rates
Chapter 10. Presenting a Treatment Plan to a Patient

Section III. Preparation for Treatment
Chapter 11. Endodontic Instruments and Equipment
Chapter 12. Clinical Infection Control
Chapter 13. Value of Magnification
Chapter 14. Local Anesthesia
Chapter 15. Guidelines for Rubber Dam Use

Section IV. Canal Instrumentation: Shaping, Disinfection, and Case Management
Chapter 16. Access Preparation and Orifice Identification
Chapter 17. Instrument and Material Choices
Chapter 18. Root Canal Irrigation
Chapter 19. Strategies to Reach the Root Apex
Chapter 20. Shaping and Cleaning the Anatomically Uncomplicated Canal
Chapter 21. Shaping and Cleaning the Anatomically Complicated Canal
Chapter 22. Locating and Opening the Mineralized Canal
Chapter 23. Managing the Obstructed Canal
Chapter 24. Mishaps During Root Canal Shaping
Chapter 25. Mishaps in Shaping the Apical Third
Chapter 26. Pain After Cleaning and Shaping
Chapter 27. Single-Visit vs Multiple-Visit Therapy
Chapter 28. Interappointment Temporization
Chapter 29. Final Steps Before Obturation

Section V. Endodontic Obturation
Chapter 30. Guidelines for Sealers and Solid Core Materials
Chapter 31. Materials and Methods of Obturation
Chapter 32. Posttreatment Pain after Obturation
Chapter 33. Responding to Posttreatment Disease
Chapter 34. Challenges and Mishaps in Obturation

Section VI. Emergency and Adjunctive Endodontic Procedures
Chapter 35. Endodontic Emergencies and Their Treatment
Chapter 36. Vital Pulp Capping
Chapter 37. Apexogenesis and Pulpotomy
Chapter 38. Apexification
Chapter 39. Pulpal Treatment in Primary Teeth
Chapter 40. Treating the Avulsed Tooth
Chapter 41. Bleaching Techniques for Nonvital and Vital Teeth
Chapter 42. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
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Cover, Arens et al.: Practical Lessons in Endodontic Treatment
"This book can be recommended as an excellent guide for undergraduate students and qualified dentists towards providing relevant practical tips and clinical information."
H. Kalsi (British Dental Journal; December 2009)

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