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Markus B. Hürzeler / Otto Zuhr

IFED-2013 Thommen Medical Workshop - OP 2: Socket-shield surgery on two central incisors

IFED-2013 Thommen Medical Workshop - OP 2: Socket-shield surgery on two central incisors37 Minutes

Language(s): English
Publication year: 2013
Video source: IFED-2013 Thommen Medical Workshop LIVE-OP

Description: Prof. Dr. Markus Hürzeler and Dr. Otto Zuhr will perform live surgeries and engage you in interactive discussions on:

  • Extraction and immediate placement in the posterior region
  • Peri-implant soft tissue management at second-stage surgery
  • Impression-taking and provisionalization

A unique opportunity to see world-leading experts live, hear their opinion on current trends and bring up questions you always wanted to ask. Thommen offers you a platform to reflect on treatment options and discuss cutting-edge technologies.

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