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Leon G. Horrichs

Implants for the Anterior Maxillary Region

Trailer | Implants for the Anterior Maxillary Region50 Minutes

Category: Implantology
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2003
Video source: ZMK-Live
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  • Implant planning and positioning
  • Preparation
  • Drilling and thread-cutting
  • Implant insertion
  • Wound closure

The implant position is determined using a drill guide/x-ray template (regions 34-32-42-44). A Peeso drill is inserted in the drill guide and used to mark the position in the mucoperiosteum. An incision is made, and the mucoperiosteum is displaced.
The implant insertion sites are prepared by using a 2 mm twist drill, 2/3 mm pilot drill, 3 mm and 3/5 mm twist drills. This is followed by counter-drilling and thread-cutting. The implants were loaded at 40-50 N. The wound is then closed using GORE-TEX® suture material.

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