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International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry

(English Edition)

Issue cycle: quarterly
Language: English

Category: Aesthetics

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Alessandro Devigus
Coordinating editor: Karin Klewer
QP Deutschland
Official publication of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, the Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, the Scandinavian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry


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Previously published as the European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. Boasting an editorial board that unites the world's most talented master clinicians, The International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry seeks to advance the state of the art in the practices of esthetic dentistry. Each issue features articles on the latest techniques, materials, and technology, allowing readers to obtain the knowledge and skills required to achieve the outstanding esthetic results that more and more patients are demanding. Photos of breathtaking quality grace the pages of this quarterly journal. What would a journal be without its readers? Join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ijedentistry We look forward to linking up with you in a private group where you will find additional content and active discussions on the progress and state of the art in the practice of esthetic dentistry. You are also welcome to follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ijedentistry

Dr. Alessandro Devigus

Schweiz, Buelach

21. Aug. 1962: Geboren auf Sardinien (Italien).
1987: Abschluss des Studiums der Zahnmedizin am Zahnmedizinischen Zentrum der Universität Zürich (Schweiz).
Seit 1990: in eigener Praxis tätig; CEREC Instruktor am Zahnmedizinischen Zentrum der Universität Zürich – Verschiedene Kurse und Vorträge aus den Bereichen CAD/CAM, Fotografie, digitale Technologien

Publikationen: Chefredakteur des International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (Quintessenz) ; The Fundamentals of Color Quintessence Books (Spring 2004 / 2010) – Verschiedene Kurzartikel und Fallberichte.

Mitgliedschaften und Aktivitäten: Neue-Gruppe Mitglied, EAED-active member, Bio-Emulation-Mentor, ITI-Fellow und Referent

Coordinating editor

Karin Klewer

Deutschland, Berlin

International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, 05/2020

Topic: Anterior missing teeth and growth