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David Sonntag / Michael Hülsmann (Editor)

Das kleine 1x1 der Endodontie

1st Edition 2024
Hardcover; 21 x 28 cm; 99 Videos, 352 pages, 792 illus
Language: German
Categories: Endodontics, Student literature

Stock No.: 24020
ISBN 978-3-86867-611-2
QP Deutschland

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Endodontics has developed rapidly over the last few decades – both in terms of understanding the biologic principles and with regard to the materials and instrumental possibilities. It is therefore indeed difficult to recognize and implement the really essential, clinically relevant points of endodontic therapy in the presence of numerous technical innovations.

This book was written by several renowned endodontists who present their strategies for the core problems of endodontic therapy based on decades of experience. The Basic 1 x 1 of Endodontics is dedicated to the supposedly “small” daily problems in endodontic practice. Concepts for technically and biologically sensible and successful endodontic treatment are presented in 24 chapters. The focus is on practical aspects and procedures, which are illustrated by 792 photographs and illustrations as well as 99 videos linked by QR codes.

The book primarily offers clinical assistance to those who are not (yet) well versed in endodontics. For students in the clinical sphere, it is intended as practical visual support for the challenges of patient treatment; for dentists who want to delve deeper into endodontics, it is a useful aid in their daily work, providing them with new ideas and the confidence to develop their own clinically efficient treatment system.

Chapter 01. Anatomy
Chapter 02. Diseases of the pulp and apical periodontium
Chapter 03. Anamnesis and endodontic diagnostics
Chapter 04. Radiology in endodontics
Chapter 05. Treatment planning: degree of difficulty and prognosis
Chapter 06. The endodontic pain case
Chapter 07. Local anesthesia
Chapter 08. Pre-endodontic build-up
Chapter 09. Rubber dam
Chapter 10. Preservation of vitality: capping and pulpotomy
Chapter 11. Magnification and light
Chapter 12. Preparation of the access cavities
Chapter 13. Determining the endodontic working length
Chapter 14. Preparation of the glide path
Chapter 15. Root canal preparation
Chapter 16. Irrigation solutions and temporary root canal inlays
Chapter 17. Irrigation incidents
Chapter 18. Temporary sealing
Chapter 19. Root canal filling
Chapter 20. Post-endodontic reconstruction
Chapter 21. Success and failure
Chapter 22. Revision treatments
Chapter 23. Initial treatment after anterior trauma
Chapter 24. Endodontics and general health



Prof. Dr. David Sonntag

Germany, Frankfurt

David Sonntag is a specialist in endodontics and has headed the Endodontology Master's program at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf since 2010. He works in private practice as an endodontist and advises companies on the development of NiTi instruments. He has lectured in the field of endodontology in Germany and abroad and has published on the subject for over 20 years.


Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann

Germany, Göttingen

Michael Hülsmann worked at the University of Göttingen from 1983 to 2021, is a guest lecturer at the University of Zurich, and works part-time in a dental practice. He is Editor-in-chief of the journal ENDODONTIE and author of numerous books and scientific publications on endodontic topics.

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Cover, Sonntag/Hürlsmann: Das kleine 1x1 der Endodontie

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Issue cycle: Quarterly
Language: German

Category: Endodontics

Editor: Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann
Coordinating editor: Claudia Urban
QP Deutschland