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Ben Baak

Du kannst dich mal… gesund erholen!

Effective incentives for refreshing regeneration in daily life

1st Edition 2023
Softcover, 14,8 x 21 cm, 284 pages
Language: German
Category: Guide Health & Medical Science

Stock No.: 30339
ISBN 978-3-86867-648-8
KVM Verlag

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A few years ago, the phrase “I am out of it” hit the nerve of many people who wanted to take some time off from their daily routine, maybe even from their lives. However, taking time off is not an easy thing for many people to do. For most people, as scientific studies have shown, recovery is still needed. But being absent from what? From work, from one’s social circle, or even from oneself? And why? Perhaps merely to recharge one’s batteries?

Within a broad and practical compilation, Dr. Ben Baak provides the most diverse aspects of powerful recovery methods for daily life. All the presented methods are aimed at enriching our everyday routine with the essential resources of rest and relaxation in order to enhance our creativity and our quality of life on a long-term basis. Recovery is much more than a means to becoming more refreshed and enhancing our daily performance; rather, it is the most important form of generating new resources, and thus is the source of health. Ready for recovery?


Dr. Ben Baak


“Anyone who wants to make a difference in life should start with themselves,” says Dr. Ben Baak. For more than 10 years, Dr. Baak worked as a scientific researcher at the German Sport University in Cologne, where his responsibilities also included microgravity research. The sudden passing of his father completely changed his way of life. He developed the wish for an increased and sustainable commitment to his community. Dr. Baak has coached many successful entrepreneurs and personalities such as Bodo Schäfer and Toni Schumacher. His goal is to harmonize health, well-being, and productivity on the three levels of body, mind, and soul. With inspiring lectures, the PhD sports scientist inspires his audience and supports the everyday life of many people with such systems as the 3x3=3®, which he developed with a team of experts based on the most recent scientific evidence.

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Cover, Baak: Du kannst dich mal… gesund erholen!

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