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Gary D. Klasser / Marcela Romero Reyes (Editor)

Orofacial Pain

Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management

7th Edition 2023
Softcover; 17 x 24 cm, 368 pages
Language: English
Category: Functional Therapy

Stock No.: 17671
ISBN 978-1-64724-037-0

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This new edition is the first to be released since orofacial pain was recognized as the 12th dental specialty by the American Dental Association. Although the structure resembles previous editions, significant changes have been made. The most recent International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Edition (ICD-11) classification system is used throughout, featuring new diagnostic codes and tables mapping differences between ICD-10 and ICD-11. Other revisions are inclusion of cervical spinal disorders and associated headaches as well as extracranial and systemic causes of orofacial pain, greater emphasis on headache pathophysiology and updates to management including new pharmacologic agents, and sections on “newer trends” related to electronic cigarettes/vaping and the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic. Out with the old, in with the new. This text delivers the evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and management of orofacial pain conditions to keep you up to date about this emerging and expanding field.

Chapter 01. Introduction to Orofacial Pain
Chapter 02. General Assessment of the Orofacial Pain Patient
Chapter 03. Diagnostic Classification of Orofacial Pain
Chapter 04. General Assessment of the Orofacial Pain Patient
Chapter 05. Primary Headache Disorders
Chapter 06. Neuropathic Pain
Chapter 07. Intraoral Pain Disorders
Chapter 08. Differential Diagnosis and Management of TMDs
Chapter 09. Cervical Spinal Disorders and Associated Headaches
Chapter 10. Extracranial and Systemic Causes of Head and Facial Pain
Chapter 11. Sleep and Orofacial Pain
Chapter 12. Axis II: Biobehavioral Considerations

Simon Akerman • Rony K. Aouad • Jennifer Bassiur • Vanessa Benavent Anderson • Steven D. Bender • Charles R. Carlson • Heidi Crow • Rob Delcanho • Paul Dorman • Justin Durham • Paul L. Durham • Yoly M. Gonzalez-Stucker • Jean-Paul Goulet • Steve Hargitai • James Hawkins • Willem de Hertogh • Pei Feng Lim • Isabel Moreno Hay • Mariona Mulet Pradera • Richard Ohrbach • Tara Renton • Jonathan H. Smith • Tom Weber • Corine M. Visscher • Edward F. Wright


Gary D. Klasser DMD

United States of America, New Orleans

Marcela Romero Reyes DDS, PhD

United States of America, Baltimore
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Cover, Klasser/Reyes: Orofacial Pain

Schmerzpatienten behandelnde Kolleginnen und Kollegen – und nicht nur diejenigen, die gutachterlich tätig sind – sollten mit dem Inhalt dieser Leitlinien gut vertraut sein.

 – Prof. Dr. Jens Christoph Türp in DZZ 02/24

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