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Prof. Dr. Fridus van der Weijden

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Fridus van der Weijden graduated in 1984 from the State University Dental School in Utrecht, the Netherlands where he also received his training as a periodontist and was accredited by the Dutch Society of Periodontology in 1990. He defended his thesis entitled, "The use of models and indices in plaque and gingivitis trials" in 1993 and received accreditation as a "senior investigator" by the Netherlands Institute for Dental Sciences in 2000.  In 2005 he received accreditation as an"'Implant-specialist" by the Dutch Society of Oral Implantology. Since 1986 Fridus van der Weijden divides his time between the Clinic for Periodontology Utrecht and the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). He is a frequent lecturer in postgraduate courses and the author of the book entitled, "The Power of Ultrasonics" and the co-author and co-editor of the book "Preventive Dentistry".  He has also authored and co-authored approximately 120 national and 250 international publications. The Ivory Cross awarded to him in early 2009 with the Carl Witthaus Medal of honor for his work on prevention and propagation of oral health. Early 2010 he has been appointed as professor at the University of Amsterdam with "Prevention and Therapy of periodontal infections" as main focus for his research. This special chair has been an initiative of the Dutch Society of Periodontology. In 2016, the Academic Centre for Dentistry has provided him with a regular chair position.



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